Post-environmental Impact Assessment Monitoring of Measures or Activities with Significant Transboundary Impact: An Assessment of International Customary Law

26 RECIEL (2017)

April 2017

Nicolas Bremer

Merger control in United Arab Emirates

The International Law Office (ILO)

April 13, 2017

Nicolas Bremer

Seeking Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgments and Arbitral Awards in the GCC Countries

McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution

Volume 3 (2016 - 2017)

Nicolas Bremer

Product liability under Egyptian law

The International Law Office (ILO)

December 22, 2016

Nicolas Bremer

New amendments to UAE labour law regime to be considered in M&A transactions

The International Law Office (ILO)

December 21, 2016

Nicolas Bremer

Liability of managers and directors under Saudi Arabian law

The International Law Office (ILO)

December 19, 2016

Nicolas Bremer

Reflections by an International Arbitrator on the Conduct of International Arbitration Proceedings

INBA International Conference on Law and Policy (November 26, 2016 in New Delhi)

Axel Heck

Government Procurement in India

February 11, 2016

Oliver Alexander

Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment of Large Dams in the Euphrates-Tigris Region: International Law Binding Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey

25 RECIEL (2016)

January 2016

Nicolas Bremer

Increasing Efficiency of Freshwater Utilization trough Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment

Water and Development Congress & Exhibition (October 20, 2015, Dead Sea/Jordan)

Presentation of Nicolas Bremer

Liquidated Damages under the Law of the United Arab Emirates and its Interpretation by UAE Courts

GAIR Mitteilungen 2015

Editor: Hatem Elliesie et al.

Nicolas Bremer

Alexander & Partner Interview Citizenship by Investment (CBI)

Citizenship by Investment (CBI)

Alexander & Partner

Dispute Resolution in Construction Projects

Arab-German Yearbook 2015

Editor: The Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Nicolas Bremer

Two Worlds of Thinking: Risk Allocation between Construction and Industry in Large Infrastructure Contracts

Arab-German Yearbook 2014

Editor: The Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Adreas Scherdel

Arbitration in Construction Disputes

Arab-German Yearbook 2013

Editor: The Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Oliver Alexander

Aktuelle Erfahrungen aus der anwaltlichen Praxis: Internationale Schieds- und Mediationsverfahren, projektbegleitende Schlichtung

3. Forum Internationales Recht:
Für Unternehmer auf den Punkt gebracht (26. November 2013, IHK Ostwestfalen zu Bielefeld)

Presentation of Oliver Alexander