Sub-Saharan Africa

For centuries, the Sahara was regarded as the ecological, ethnic, economic and cultural border between North and South Africa. While economic relations between North Africa and Europe have long been of considerable volume, Sub-Saharan Africa, with a few exceptions, has had a shadowy existence in terms of trade and investment.

In the meantime, more and more European companies and international investors are expanding into the sub-Saharan region. Today, 49 of the 54 African UN member states belong to this region. It is home to the continent's most populous states, rich in resources and potential. Experts agree that the investment requirements in the coming decades will be immense.

Aware of the complexity and challenges of the 21st century, the law firm Alexander & Partner has been accompanying its clients abroad for more than 20 years in coping with new and existing legal challenges, in particular in the prevention and resolution of legal conflicts. In addition to our mere legal expertise, we have in-depth knowledge of local conditions and contribute intercultural skills based on many years of experience with African cultures.




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