and Infrastructure

The construction industry traditionally is a key sector in both the MENA-Region and in Sub-Saharan Africa. From high-rise office buildings to mass transit systems, energy facilities and major infrastructure projects, our legal team has the experience to offer our clients truly sector-focused advice paired with our in-depth understanding of the markets in the MENA-Region.

Our team is frequently exposed to design, engineering and construction program issues. Through long-term experience we have an excellent understanding of the contractual relation between all parties involved on every level of infrastructure projects, and are well-versed with the involved risks, and the management of those risks, as well as project administration and the financing of construction projects. Further, we have a proven track record as counsel in arbitration proceedings involving the construction and infrastructure sectors.


Volatile oil prices and the depletion of traditional hydrocarbon energy sources have changed the energy industry. Political pressures as regulators seek energy security and demand both price stability and cleaner energy supplies adds to the complexity of the sector.

In this fast-changing market you need a firm that is immersed in the industry and can offer innovative and dynamic solutions for your business activities and investments. We can offer this support by providing strategic assistance covering conventional energy players as well as the renewable energy industry.


To succeed in the highly competitive technology sector, you need a law firm with sector-specific legal expertise, as well as a deep understanding of the key business issues driving innovation in the industry. Our diverse legal team delivers creative solutions by assisting you in achieving your objectives and minimizing risks.

Paired with our strong regional focus on the Near and Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, we offer our clients a distinctive combination of sector- and regional-focused advice.

Real Estate

Alexander & Partner’s real estate advisors truly understand the needs of our clients in the challenging real estate markets in Europe and the Near and Middle East and are familiar with the different asset classes including industrial, retail, offices, hotels, residential, and healthcare.

Our legal team advises on multijurisdictional real estate transactions from legal due diligence and set up of corporate deal structure through SPA negotiations and financing to legal assistance during closing as well as general real estate law such as negotiation of lease and asset management agreements.

Natural Resources
and Environment

Environmental and related natural resource issues are truly global in nature, transcending borders and requiring multinational responses. Companies operating in multiple jurisdictions need the help of lawyers with broad experience across regions to navigate this changing landscape.

Alexander & Partner’s lawyers have in-depth experience with environmental and resource distribution laws and regulations across the MENA-Region and Sub-Saharan Africa, in particular international water resources. The variety and depth of our experience in this sector makes our advice distinct and valuable.

Our lawyers will work with you to plan for compliance with changing regulations and standards throughout the MENA-Region and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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