Germany is one of the world’s most significant economies. Its ability to provide a stable market during unsteady times makes it increasingly attractive to investors – in particular, to investors from the MENA-Region and Sub-Saharan Africa.

With longstanding market experience and a legal team that is well-versed in advising investors from the MENA-Region and Sub-Saharan Africa on their investments in Germany, we are the optimal partners for your investment activities in this prosperous market.

Our lawyers frequently assist investors from the MENA-Region and Sub-Saharan Africa on transactions in Germany and other EU countries, in particular in the real estate sector and on M&A deals.


We not only share a border with an approximate length of 450 km with France, France is in fact one of Germany’s most important trading partners as well. Not only world-famous Franco-German market leaders like Airbus, Euler Hermes and KNDS give evidence of this, there are also numerous successful cooperations, partnerships and joint ventures among small and medium-sized companies. However, despite the many similarities and the increasing approximation of laws within the European Union there are still significant differences between the legal systems of both countries.

Alexander & Partner is one of the few German business law firms that not only employs French speaking advisors and has a network of best friend firms throughout France, but, in Philippe de Richoufftz and Dr. Daniel Smyrek has two partners accredited in France who lead a team of German-French attorneys.

Whether you need advice with regard to renewable energy projects, French-German M&As or in dispute resolution: if it concerns Franco-German commercial law, we are the right place for you.


Unprecedented growth over the last decades has positioned Qatar as one of the most dynamic markets in the Middle East. Our lawyers know the market and are highly experienced in the intricacies of doing business here.

When retaining us you gain a strong partner. We have acted on many of the construction and infrastructure projects in Qatar in the last few years, and served as counsel in many arbitration proceedings in Qatar and under Qatari law.

In addition to our experience, you also benefit from our strong network. We work closely with major Qatar decision-makers and institutions to assist you in moving your business forward.

Saudi Arabia

Vast oil reserves and the largest population on the Arab Peninsula make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia one of the most attractive and prosperous markets.

With our team of forward-thinking legal experts that possesses considerable insight in the Saudi market, we offer our clients a unique approach to optimize their business activities and investments in the Kingdom.

In Saudi Arabia, Alexander & Partner works on a wide range of assignments – from M&A, joint ventures and regulatory matters to construction and infrastructure projects as well as conventional and Islamic financing inside and outside the oil and gas sector.

United Arab Emirates

A key trade hub for the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates is an important market for international business. With extensive experience as legal advisors in the United Arab Emirates, our lawyers have intimate knowledge of the particulars of the market.

Our clients benefit from our deep understanding of the legal and business environments, gained from being active on the ground in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which includes access to our local network that is built on long-standing relationships with local business communities and governments.

We have a proven track record on advising international and local clients on all matters of business law in the United Arab Emirates, from market entry and corporate set up through transactions and projects to closing and – if required – dispute resolution.


Alexander & Partner has provided legal advice and support for a wide range of projects and transactions in Oman. We are committed to providing a responsive, straightforward and high quality service in this dynamic market.

Our legal team has longstanding connections to both the private and the public sectors in Oman, offering our clients unique insights into the market of this hidden champion.

Over the last years our lawyers have been involved in various projects and transactions in Oman, specifically in the logistics, energy and water sectors.


As the MENA region’s most populous nation, Egypt is a central gateway to two growing economic corridors. The continuous stabilization of the Egyptian economy since the Arab Spring is positively impacting the country’s investment climate. Substantial economic reforms implemented by the Egyptian government, supported by the IMF’s stimulus package, accelerate this development. Nevertheless, Egypt remains a complex investment market. It is thus essential to carefully prepare and execute investments.

Through our local representation and its incorporation into the international network of Alexander & Partner, we not only support our clients in local business laws, but also provide comprehensive legal advice on questions of international investment protection law, cross-border structuring for risk protection and tax optimization.


Due to its oil and in particular natural gas deposits as well as its population of 40 million inhabitants, Algeria is an interesting market for companies from Europe. This is even more true because European products have an excellent reputation in Algeria.

However, there are some bureaucratic obstacles and a comparatively large number of restrictive rules for foreign economic operators. For that reason, it is particularly important to inform yourself about the legal framework in Algeria early on if you plan to do business there.

Due to our longstanding experience in the Algerian market as well as our well-established network of Algerian legal experts and attorneys we are able to support your business activities with regard to Algeria with competent legal advice.

Alexander & Partner is a member of the German-Algerian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


It is not without good reason that Morocco takes pride in being a haven of stability in a region where safety and political continuity are not a given fact. Under King Mohamed VI the more than 300 years old monarchy on the western edge of the Arab world has opened to democratic reforms. Economically considerable progress has been made as well. In addition to many highly ambitious infrastructure projects, Morocco succeeded in drawing two major French automobile manufacturers with their own production plants into the country. Furthermore, the monarchy has made a tremendous effort to take the lead in the power efficiency and renewable energy sectors in the region. With the Casablanca Finance City Morocco positions itself as a hub in North and West Africa also in relation to financial services.

Alexander & Partner advises European companies who maintain business relationships with Morocco or have their own subsidiary over there. We cooperate closely with several law firms in Morocco focusing on various areas. Therefore, we are able to put together a powerful taskforce of highly qualified experts for almost every legal problem.

Alexander & Partner is a member of the German-Moroccan Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


Tunisia is the country in which the so-called Arab Spring began. It was also the only country in the entire MENA-Region in which the “Arabellion” has led to a still ongoing democratization process. The new Tunisian constitution is as progressive that it can be compared to the constitutions of the Western nations. Further, the economic legislation is currently undergoing a reform in order to make Tunisia more interesting as a trading partner and an investment location. At the same time, Tunisia’s location in the heart of the Maghreb region is favorable in terms of logistics and Tunisia has good, long-standing relations with all its neighboring states. Despite the current challenges Tunisia therefore offers companies from Europe very interesting perspectives. Tunisia’s well-educated and often multilingual population contributes to this attractivity.

Alexander & Partner advises companies from Europe operating or planning to operate in Tunisia. We are a member of the German-Tunisian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and have issued the Tunisia economic guide (Wirtschaftsführer Tunesien) with them and the GTAI.

We have a trusting cooperation with a long-standing partner firm in Tunis, and a network of best friend firms throughout the country.

Sub-Saharan Africa

For centuries, the Sahara was regarded as the ecological, ethnic, economic and cultural border between North and South Africa. While economic relations between North Africa and Europe have long been of considerable volume, Sub-Saharan Africa, with a few exceptions, has had a shadowy existence in terms of trade and investment.

In the meantime, more and more European companies and international investors are expanding into the sub-Saharan region. Today, 49 of the 54 African UN member states belong to this region. It is home to the continent's most populous states, rich in resources and potential. Experts agree that the investment requirements in the coming decades will be immense.

Aware of the complexity and challenges of the 21st century, the law firm Alexander & Partner has been accompanying its clients abroad for more than 20 years in coping with new and existing legal challenges, in particular in the prevention and resolution of legal conflicts. In addition to our mere legal expertise, we have in-depth knowledge of local conditions and contribute intercultural skills based on many years of experience with African cultures.




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