Commercial Law

We do not simply counsel our clients on how to document deals. We work closely with them to shape and structure deals in the way that is most effective and beneficial for them and safeguard their investment in international transactions.

In the international and cross-cultural environment of business relations between parties from Europe, the MENA-Region and India, we assist our clients in navigating the intricacies of these complex deals. Drawing from this unique regional focus and the reach and depth of our experience, our advice is both distinct and valuable.

Corporate Law
and Joint Venture

In addition to our transactional work we provide a full range of corporate advisory services assisting with incorporation of companies and joint venture formation, as well as corporate governance, regulatory compliance and re-structuring, in Europe, the Middle East and India.

We have a proven track record of advising joint ventures between multinational parties. Our clients benefit not only from our expertise in corporate law and the process of incorporation in different jurisdictions but also our familiarity with the requirements of inter-cultural business relations.

Merger & Acquisition

Alexander & Partner’s legal team advises on a variety of M&A transactions. We regularly work on mergers and acquisitions and private equity transactions, advising both buyers and sellers in all stages of these transactions, including legal due diligence and set up of deal structure through SPA negotiations and financing to legal assistance during closing.

Through our strong focus on business exchange between Europe, the Middle East and India, we can offer tailored advice for clients investing in these regions and assist them in understanding the cultural and regional differences in order to reach optimal solutions.

Finance, Venture Capital and Islamic Finance

We assist our clients in transactions with respect to financing and, specifically, Islamic financing. We support clients in locating and engaging suitable financial advisors, developing and structuring transactions, preparing and negotiating legal documentation through post-closing transaction administration, covenant compliance and ongoing liability management. Furthermore we advise venture capital investors on their investments in the Near and the Middle East as well as in India.

We have the capacity to undertake the full range of Shariàh-compliant financial transactions, including sukuk (Islamic securitizations), ijara wa Iqtina (financial leases) and murabaha (installment sales).

Dispute Resolution

Our diverse team of legal experts frequently acts as counsel in arbitration proceedings and common litigation. As a firm with a strong footprint in Germany, the Middle East and India we offer our clients the unique understanding of different jurisdictions and cultures that is required to be successful in international disputes.

In addition to our work as counsel in disputes we assist our clients prior to any dispute arising by advising them on contract drafting and negotiation strategies to prevent disputes and safeguard their investments. Where disputes arise nonetheless, we actively pursue all avenues of dispute resolution available and advise clients on choosing the method most appropriate to them and to a particular matter.

Project, Contract and Claims Management

Our team supports especially small- and medium-seized companies in the areas of claims and contract management, project management and process management.

Small- and medium-sized companies entering into international contracts for the supply and installation of their products and solutions in particular face complex contract structures and requirements. In order to secure their contractual rights or to provide them from unjustified claims from their contract partners, we handle the contract and claim management by providing tailor-made solutions for our clients and their project requirements.

Based on our long-term experience, we support our clients during the tendering phase as well as project execution, by structuring the projects, providing risk analysis and calculation and advising about the various contractual relationships with all partners and suppliers involved.

With our management experience within systems and service business, we can assist our clients in implementing or improving their internal project management processes. This will ensure that the management will always be informed about the actual status of the projects, will be involved in all necessary decisions in time and will have an accurate view about the cost and risk environment.