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Renewable Energy in Tunisia - IPP Regime

Published October 2020 Authors Philippe de Richoufftz and Pauline Coune The 2015 Tunisian solar plan set a target of 1755 MW for wind power, 1510 MW for grid-connected photovoltaic power and 450 MW for CSP by 2030[1]. These objectives will possibly be reviewed in the frame of the adoption of the national plan of electrical energy from renewable energy sources which should occur by the end of…

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Abrupt breach of long-standing business relationship

Published March 2020 Authors Dr. Daniel Smyrek and Petra Kuhn Charlotte Baxmann (LEXT Avocats) The latest French jurisdiction on the abrupt termination of a long-standing business relationship – contractual or tortious basis for claims? In a decision of 7 May 2019, the highest French court missed an opportunity to discuss the legal nature of the claim for damages due to abrupt…

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Wage costs and ancillary wage costs in Ghana

This article is currently not available in English.

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Differences between the limited liability company

Differences between the limited liability company in Nigeria, Ghana and the Ivory Coast This article is currently not available in English.

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Press Release Merger Control Project Atlas

Dr. Nicolas Bremer Led by its partner Nicolas Bremer Alexander & Partner advises Mitsubishi and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation on Saudi Arabian merger control matters pertaining to the acquisition of a stake in HERE Technologies. Alexander & Partner (A&P) has advised Mitsubishi Corporation (Mitsubishi) and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) on merger…

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Power production regimes in Mali

Executive summary Electricity sector in Mali is governed by the Order N. 00-019/P-RM dated March 15, 2000 and its implementing Decree N. 00-184/P-RM dated April 14, 2000. The Malian law leaves the possibility for IPP to produce electricity through power concession or self-energy production. Reform of the legal framework The electricity sector in Mali was significantly reformed…

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Local content and renewable energies in Algeria

Published November 2021 Author Philippe de Richoufftz Currently, the Algerian authorities are preparing a call for tender for the realization in project finance of several PV solar parks with a total capacity of 1,000 MW divided into capacities between 50 and 200 MW per unit. These tenders will be carried out by the new Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy ("MTEER") in…

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