Through our many years of experience in Scandinavia and Europe, we have been able to build up a very good network in the Nordic business community. We use our in-depth knowledge of Swedish law and business to provide you with the best possible advice on all aspects of business and corporate law.

Detailed legal advice on construction contracts in Sweden

Sweden, our partner to the North, is one of the top ten largest economies in Europe. For a long time, the Swedish economy was characterised by its raw materials industry, but the country has now turned a corner and greatly expanded sectors such as pharmaceuticals or information technologies. But Sweden is also a model country in the field of renewable energies: it can now cover more than 60 % of its own energy consumption with renewable energies.

Unlike its European neighbours, the Swedish economy was not hit as hard by the Corona pandemic and is therefore recovering correspondingly faster. In addition, the government has invested heavily in large infrastructure and construction projects in recent years. In the process,companies from abroad were very often commissioned. This is not the only reason why our Scandinavian friend is becoming an interesting business location for many German SMEs.

In the case of construction and infrastructure projects, the companies commissioned must bear in mind when drafting the contract that German law is not necessarily applicable. It must be regulated within the framework of these construction contracts or infrastructure project contracts which law is to apply to the respective contracting parties, such as:

  • German law
  • Swedish law
  • International Commercial Law

This requires in-depth knowledge of German and Swedish law as well as international commercial law. Our team can provide you with excellent advice in this regard. Our firm has years of experience in international commercial law and is well versed in all areas of commercial law. Due to our diverse experience in the Scandinavian business environment, we can also ideally accompany your concerns from a local business perspective.

Advice on international contracts for Sweden

We aim to identify problems at an early stage and solve them in advance. Especially in international contracts and project management, it is important to be able to act and react quickly. Our experienced team supports you quickly and reliably in all aspects of contract management.

Thanks to our location in the heart of Berlin, we are always happy to advise you on site or discuss the status of your projects via video conference. We are in constant contact with important organisations such as embassies and foreign chambers of commerce. The aim of contract management is to minimise existing legal risks and to maximise profitability.

In addition to contract management, claim management is also one of our areas of expertise. We consistently check and enforce our clients’ claims and defend againstopposing claims on your behalf. Our focus is on the best possible representation of your interests.

We draft, review and negotiate project contracts for Sweden

With our expertise as international legal advisors, we see ourselves as a partner who can help you in the long term with questions relating to the legal situation of your contracts and projects.

German companies doing business abroad are confronted with project contracts. These contracts are understood to include:

  • EPC contracts and
  • Joint Venture Contracts

If you want to carry out a new project in Sweden, the legal framework must be clarified in advance. This is the only way to ensure that your project is legally sound. We would be happy to offer you a detailed discussion via video conference or at one of our locations before the start of your new project. We will work with you to draw up project contracts so that important issues are suitably covered for you. Due to our local legal knowledge, you do not need to interpose another law firm – we also take care of Swedish law.

The topic of international project contracts is extremely extensive and complex and requires international experience, which we bring to the table. Our team has been providing legal advice in a wide range of regions and industries for more than 20 years. These years of international experience have enabled us to build our international business. All lawyers in our team have gained their international legal expertise by having lived and worked abroad or having received legal training there.

Our large client base includes numerous international companies from Europe and mid-sized German companies seeking legal support specifically for projects in Europe, Africa, North Africa, the Middle East.

Practice Area: International Arbitration

Careful preparation of projects and contracts cannot always prevent conflicts from arising. Here, too, we stand by your side and represent you in court or in arbitration. Before that, however, we always try to find a constructive out-of-court solution. We represent your interests vis-à-vis the other party and try to avoid a legal dispute if possible. However, if it does come to that, we will of course represent you competently and personally before the German courts. In Sweden, too, we will represent you before the local courts, if necessary, together with experienced local partner law firms. In the field of international arbitration, we have particular experience with proceedings under international (e.g. ICC) and local arbitration rules (e.g. DIS) as well as with investment disputes (ICSID).

We are a highly qualified firm of commercial lawyers specialising in conflict resolution. Comprehensive project support also includes a comprehensive conflict resolution strategy. Should legal disputes arise in a specific case, we will consistently assert our clients’ interests . One goal is to avoid going before an ordinary court (e.g. by including arbitration clauses in contracts) and to resolve the conflict within the framework of international arbitration.

Comprehensive Legal Advice on International Investment in Sweden

Through our many years of experience in Scandinavia and Europe, we have been able to build up a very good network in the Nordic business community. Our client base includes not only companies operating in the construction, energy and infrastructure sectors, but also companies in the intralogistics and international investment sectors. In these areas comprehensive legal support is indispensable. advise you comprehensively, honestly and competently on the legal possibilities as well as pitfalls. In doing so, we use our in-depth knowledge of Swedish law and business.


German or Swedish law does not automatically apply to a cross-border contract. The parties can agree in advance on which law the contract should be based on. This can be German, Swedish or international commercial law. In the case of sales contracts, for example, an international sales contract according to UN sales law is also possible . In individual cases, however, it is also possible to choose the law of a third country.
Our specialised and culturally sensitive team works in advance to avoid conflicts through solidly drafted contracts and good legal advice. We specialise in international arbitration. In doing so, it is important for us to look at the matter from all perspectives (in particular from a legal and economic perspective). Our aim is to avoid going to court and to enforce your interests in the most economically sensible way. Ideally, a solution acceptable to both sides will be found outside the courts. If it is not possible to avoid the conflict, we will accompany you through the dispute in the best possible way with our many years of experience, especially in international legal disputes.
We are an international business law firm with lawyers who are also very familiar with the Swedish economy. Thanks to our one-stop legal advice, we have short decision-making paths, are very flexible and can avoid additional costs. With us you always have the same contact person for your issues.


Founding Partner
Drawing from over a decade of experience being based in the GCC, Oliver Alexander specializes in advising clients from Germany and Europe on their business activities in the GCC, with specific focus on commercial law, international and commercial arbitration, as well as dispute resolution in the construction sector. Further he is one of the first movers into the Sub Saharan African legal market by forging a close cooperation with a law firm in Accra, Ghana.
Nordic Countries Ambassador
Hilde Tveitnes Alexander is our Ambassador for Nordic countries with the task of presenting the expertise of Alexander & Partner to companies in these countries.