Based on our many years of experience, especially in the areas of commercial and corporate law as well as dispute resolution, we are happy to assist you with your concerns in Oman and are available to advise you at any time with our multilingual team.

Legal advice for business activities in Oman

Oman is a state in the east of the Arabian Peninsula and was named by the United Nations in 2013 as the country that has improved its social and economic situation the most within the last 40 years. From an economic perspective, Oman is a particularly attractive state for German investors due to its stable political situation and remains an important logistics centre of the Arabian Peninsula due to its unique geographical location for the region. A bilateral investment protection treaty has existed between Germany and Oman since 2007

When developing infrastructure projects, entering and exiting the market, German investors always need confidential legal advice that is well versed in the usual areas of business as well as in navigating international trade and cross-border dispute resolution.

We have advised international and local clients in all major areas of commercial law in Oman. Our expertise in this area includes various forms of market entry, project financing, corporate law issues, project and transactional support, business dissolution, drafting and legal support of agency agreements, and  dispute resolution in legal proceedings before ordinary courts and arbitral tribunals.

Advising on international contracts for the Sultanate of Oman

We aim to identify problems at an early stage and solve them before conflicts arise. Especially in international contracts and project management, it is important to be able to act and react quickly. Our experienced team supports you effectively in all aspects of contract management.

Thanks to our location in the heart of Berlin and our team in Oman, we are always happy to advise you on site or discuss the status of your projects via video conference. We are in constant contact with important organisations such as embassies and foreign chambers of commerce.

We draft, review and negotiate project contracts for Oman

With our expertise as legal advisors for international contracts and international projects, we see ourselves as your partner who will help you in the long term with questions relating to the legal situation of your contracts and projects.

German companies doing business abroad are confronted with project contracts. These contracts are understood to include:

  • EPC contracts and
  • Joint Venture Contracts

If you want to carry out a new project in Oman, the legal framework must be clarified in advance. This is the only way to ensure that your project is legally secure. We would be happy to offer you a detailed discussion via video conference or at one of our locations before the start of your new project. We will work with you to draw up project contracts so that important issues are suitably covered for you. Due to our profound local legal knowledge, neither you nor we need to involve another law firm. We thus offer you efficient and competent  legal support with fast decision-making processes…

The subject of international project contracts is extremely broad and complex and requires international experience, which we bring to the table. Our founding partner has played a central role in several large construction and infrastructure projects in many GCC countries. In addition , all lawyers in our team have international legal expertise . In Oman, we have successfully advised on many international projects of all sizes.

Our large client base includes numerous international companies from Europe and mid-sized German companies seeking legal support, particularlyfor projects in Africa, North Africa, the Middle East and the Near East.

Law firm focus: “International Arbitration”

Careful preparation of projects and contracts cannot always prevent conflicts from arising. Here, too, we stand by your side and take over your representation before state courts or an arbitration court. Before that, however, we always try to find a constructive out-of-court solution. We represent your interests vis-à-vis the other party and first try to find a constructive out-of-court solution. Should a legal dispute become necessary, we will represent you consistently . Of course, we can represent you competently in person before German courts . In Oman, we take care of your representation before the local courts together with our local team. In international arbitration cases we have extensive experience in proceedings under international (e.g. ICC) and local arbitration rules (e.g. DIS) as well as in investment disputes (ICSID).

We are a highly qualified firm of commercial lawyers specialising in conflict resolution. Comprehensive project support also includes a comprehensive conflict resolution strategy. Should legal disputes arise in a specific case, we will consistently assert our clients’ interests. Part of the strategy is regularly , to avoid going before an ordinary court and to resolve the conflict within the framework of international arbitration.

Comprehensive Legal Advice on International Investment in Oman

Through our many years of experience in the GCC states and the Middle East, we have been able to build up a very good network in the Omani economy. Our client base includes not only companies active in the field of construction and infrastructure, but also, among others, companies in the field of international investment. In this field, within which a comprehensive legal service is indispensable, we advise you comprehensively, honestly and competently on the legal possibilities as well as pitfalls. In doing so, we use our in-depth knowledge of local as well as international law and business.

Our law firm advises you in the context of your international investment, especially in the areas of legal due diligence, acquisition, business combination and M&A. In addition to the law, we always keep an eye on profitability. Before taking any legal step, we check exactly what the concrete economic impact will be in each individual case.

Your own location outside Germany: Setting up a company in Oman

International contractual relationships abroad are often the first step towards setting up your own business outside Germany’s borders. Our highly qualified team will be happy to advise you on setting up a company in Oman. In doing so, we conduct a basic legal examination and clear up any legal uncertainties. We place your company formation on a strong foundation.

Our firm has established companies in various industries and for various projects abroad. In the GCC countries in particular, we have been able to gather years of experience in law and business. We advise you on questions such as whether a production site is needed, a project company is required or whether a special purpose vehicle or special purpose company should be established for an investment. We always use our experience and short decision-making channels for the benefit of our clients. Our particular strength is that we can react flexibly and agilely to new challenges.


German or Qatari law does not automatically apply to a cross-border contract. The parties can agree in advance on which law the contract should be based on. This can be German, Qatari or international commercial law. In the case of sales contracts, for example, an international sales contract according to UN sales law is also possible. In individual cases, however, it is also possible to choose the law of a third country.
Our specialised and culturally sensitive team works in advance to avoid conflicts through solidly drafted contracts and good legal advice. We specialise in international arbitration. In doing so, it is important for us to look at a case both from a legal and a commercial perspective . Our goal is to avoid going to court and to enforce your economic interests efficiently . Ideally, a solution acceptable to both sides will be found outside the courts. If it is not possible to avoid the conflict, we will accompany you through the dispute in the best possible way with our many years of experience, especially in international legal disputes.
We are an international business law firm with lawyers who also know Omani law. So we do not delegate tasks to other law firms. This means that decision-making channels are very short and additional costs are avoided. Moreover, with us you always have the same contact person for all your issues.


Andreas Scherdel advises on project contracts, corporate law, commercial contracts and claims and risk management as well as accounting and tax aspects with particular focus on the construction, infrastructure and energy industries.
Julia Mohamad was born in Berlin. After graduating from high school (A-levels), she studied law at the University of Potsdam and Arabic at the University of Damascus, Syria.
Dr. Richard Wichmann is a lawyer, certified mediator and has been working in the real estate industry since 2005. Since 2017, he has been advising national and international clients in the fields of energy and infrastructure in private and public commercial law.
Of Counsel
Dr. Aouni Shahoud Almousa is an Assistant Professor at Lusail University (Doha, Qatar) and an Of Counsel at Alexander & Partner.
Of Counsel
Martin Brown is an English qualified solicitor and has over 25 years’ experience advising on international finance transactions.
Of Counsel
Dr. Philipp Stompfe advises on international contract and corporate law as well as on international arbitration.