Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience in international business law and the local legal system in Nigeria, we can provide you with comprehensive advice on infrastructure projects and provide you with expert and reliable support, for example, in the drafting of construction contracts and infrastructure agreements or the establishment of project companies.

Your professional contact for Construction Contracts in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most heavily populated country in Africa and is particularly rich in natural resources. These and other characteristics have made Nigeria a popular target for foreign investment in the past. Especially construction projects and infrastructure projects receive a lot of influx. For German investors, it is therefore worthwhile to rely on legal support from a law firm that specialises in international construction contracts and infrastructure contracts. For projects promoting infrastructure as well as construction projects in Nigeria, our law firm and our experts are at your side with active support at eye level. Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience in international business law and the local legal system in Nigeria, we can advise you comprehensively on infrastructure projects and provide you with informed and reliable support, for example, in the drafting of construction contracts and infrastructure contracts or the establishment of project companies.

Assistance with International Contracts

Transactions that go beyond Germany’s national borders usually also mean the confrontation of several legal systems and cultures. It is imperative that all parties are familiar with all relevant legal systems so that international contracts can be adequately negotiated. Our team is well versed in German and Nigerian law so that we can advise you competently on international contracts with Nigerian business partners. Our contacts for you bring in-depth first-hand experience with regard to the Nigerian legal system – either they have worked for several years in Nigeria as lawyers admitted to the bar there, have grown up there or have completed their studies in Nigeria.

In addition, we strive to identify and solve problems at an early stage in order to avoid unnecessary dispute in court. Especially in international contracts and project management, it is important to be able to act and react quickly. Our specialised team supports you in all issues of contract drafting and execution.

At our locations, we are always happy to advise you in person or discuss the status of your projects via video conference. We are in constant contact with important institutions such as embassies and foreign chambers of commerce. The goal of contract management is to minimise further legal risks as well as to maximise economic efficiency.

In addition to contract management, claim management is also one of our areas of practice. We try to enforce our clients’ claims and defend them against opposing claims. Our focus is on the best possible representation of your interests.

Professional counselling services in the area of international project contracts

Project contracts are particularly important for entrepreneurs who want to establish or expand their business in Nigeria. Whether you want to draft a new contract with Nigerian business partners or already have an existing contract that needs to be adapted or completely renegotiated: Thanks to our extensive knowledge of Nigerian law, industry and business, we can advise you on various types of project contracts, including EPC contracts or joint venture agreements. Our knowledge of the Nigerian economy is extensive. We have gained in-depth knowledge in various sectors of the Nigerian and African economy through our many years of practice. This enables us to offer you comprehensive advice that takes into account not only your legal interests but also your economic interests. We have assisted numerous clients, primarily small and medium-sized entities, in matters relating to project contracts. Focused on conflict avoidance and resolution, you will receive advice tailored to your needs. Our specific expertise in international business law and our knowledge of the legal framework in Nigeria allow us to work independently of law firms in the target country. For you as a client, this allows for short decision-making processes and all-round support in all matters relating to project contracts from a single source.

Arbitration as a central competence of our business law firm

Careful preparation of projects and contracts cannot always prevent conflicts from arising. We represent your interests vis-à-vis the contracting parties and authorities and try to avoid any court disputes as far as this is economically advisable for you. For example, we stand closely by your side in investment disputes concerning Nigeria and, if necessary, represent you effectively in court or in arbitration proceedings.  Our team consists of lawyers who are admitted to practice in Nigeria, so we can represent you directly in court without the intermediary of a third party law firm. This saves time and money and allows us to represent your interests in the best possible way.

In contracts, we prefer the use of arbitration clauses. In international arbitration proceedings, we have profound and long-standing experience. We constantly accompany proceedings under international (e.g. ICC) and local arbitration rules (e.g. DIS) as well as specifically for investment disputes (ICSID).

International Investments in Nigeria: Investments with Legal Due Diligence

In an international investment, the legal risks and opportunities must be included in the contract negotiations in order to achieve a fair price. This often involves large sums of capital. As an experienced and internationally well-positioned law firm in business law, we conduct your legal due diligence and uncover risk factors for your investment both at home and abroad. We also accompany you in the area of M&A, i.e. mergers and acquisitions, and ensure that your interests are optimally protected.

Our internationally highly experienced team will provide you with comprehensive support in all matters relating to international investment. You can contact us either by telephone or by e-mail. We will get back to you promptly with an offer, which, depending on the matter at hand, can be based on a set fee or on invoicing for time spent.

Competent assistance in the area of company establishment in Nigeria

International contractual relationships abroad are often the first step towards a company’s own location beyond Germany’s borders. Our highly qualified team will be happy to advise you on setting up a company in Nigeria. In doing so, we carry out a basic legal check and clear up any legal uncertainties. We place your company formation on a strong foundation. Our law firm is therefore the appropriate partner for establishing a company abroad. Thanks to our independent approach from other law firms in the target country, we can react quickly and flexibly to any challenges that may arise for your project company.

Our firm has established companies in various industries and for numerous projects abroad. We advise you on whether a production site is needed, a project company is required or a special purpose vehicle or special purpose company is to be established for an investment. We always use our many years of experience and short decision-making processes in the interests of our clients. Our particular strength is that we can react flexibly and swiftly to new challenges.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like a well-versed and highly specialised partner for setting up a company in Nigeria. In a detailed discussion, our lawyers will take the time to discuss your concerns with you at your leisure.


German or Nigerian law does not automatically apply to a cross-border contract. The parties can agree in advance as to which law the contract is to be based on. This can be German, Nigerian, international law or the law of a third country. In addition, construction contracts are complex undertakings where every detail must be thoroughly examined. Therefore, in-depth knowledge of all relevant legal systems is absolutely necessary. Our law firm is happy to advise you with experienced corporate lawyers who are familiar with the legal situation in Nigeria.
Our corporate law firm focuses on international business relations, in particular with Africa and the Middle East. Our highly specialised business lawyers know the law in Nigeria from practical experience due to completed legal training in Nigeria and several years of working in the region. In addition, our lawyers have many years of experience in industry and commerce. When advising you, we can look at emerging issues from different perspectives and thus provide the best possible representation of your interests.
Our specialised and culturally aware team works in advance to avoid conflicts through solidly drafted contracts and good legal advice. In the event of a conflict, we adopt an entrepreneurial approach and try to avoid a long and costly dispute. Ideally, a solution acceptable to both sides is found outside of court. If the conflict cannot be avoided, we can guide you through the dispute in the best possible way with our many years of experience in international arbitration proceedings.


Founding Partner
Drawing from over a decade of experience being based in the GCC, Oliver Alexander specializes in advising clients from Germany and Europe on their business activities in the GCC, with specific focus on commercial law, international and commercial arbitration, as well as dispute resolution in the construction sector. Further he is one of the first movers into the Sub Saharan African legal market by forging a close cooperation with a law firm in Accra, Ghana.
Andreas Scherdel advises on project contracts, corporate law, commercial contracts and claims and risk management as well as accounting and tax aspects with particular focus on the construction, infrastructure and energy industries.
Tariere Richards is a lawyer from Nigeria. She studied law in Nigeria and was admitted to the Nigerian Bar Association as a licensed lawyer in 2014. She obtained her LL.M. (Master of Law) in European and International Law focusing on International Trade and Investment Law and International Dispute Resolution from the Europa-Institut, Saarland University, Germany.
Dr. Richard Wichmann is a lawyer, certified mediator and has been working in the real estate industry since 2005. Since 2017, he has been advising national and international clients in the fields of energy and infrastructure in private and public commercial law.
Of Counsel
Marie Badiane is a French attorney assisting small and mid-cap companies with a focus on energy and technology-driven innovation.
Of Counsel
Fallou Mbodji is Of Counsel of Alexander & Partner with substantial experience in international projects in Africa and OHADA Law.