It is not without good reason that Morocco takes pride in being a haven of stability in a region where safety and political continuity are not a given fact. Under King Mohamed VI the more than 300 years old monarchy on the western edge of the Arab world has opened to democratic reforms. Economically considerable progress has been made as well. In addition to many highly ambitious infrastructure projects, Morocco succeeded in drawing two major French automobile manufacturers with their own production plants into the country. Furthermore, the monarchy has made a tremendous effort to take the lead in the power efficiency and renewable energy sectors in the region. With the Casablanca Finance City Morocco positions itself as a hub in North and West Africa also in relation to financial services.

Alexander & Partner advises European companies who maintain business relationships with Morocco or have their own subsidiary over there. We cooperate closely with several law firms in Morocco focusing on various areas. Therefore, we are able to put together a powerful taskforce of highly qualified experts for almost every legal problem.

Alexander & Partner is a member of the German-Moroccan Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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